My Goal Here

It’s been over a year since I started this blog and reflecting upon it, I have to say, I am actually enjoying it more than I thought it would and it has taken a slight turn from where I thought it might go.

Someone asked me recently the purpose of this blog. In today’s hyper-connected social media world everyone will tell you that “your business has to have a social media component”.  While I believe that’s true, what I wanted to avoid was yet one more blog that simply offered technical solutions (say SQL Server queries or VB.Net code and the like).  For one thing, those are a dime a dozen.  For another, to me solving those problems are really just a means to an end of solving the problem I’m working on at that time.

Honestly, I’m more interested, and I think this blog reflects this, in how people think and what drives certain decisions.  I want people to question their own assumptions and ways of thinking.  I don’t think my blog will help you survive the jungle or fly a Mach 6 aircraft but if it gets you to think even just a bit, then I’ll feel like it’s been a success.

So while this may not seem to have much connection to my consulting business or QuiCR, it really does.  If you simply want to hire a DBA, or a consultant, you can hit Google and find the first name that pops up.  But I’d rather think you’ll be more successful if you understand how the person you might hire, recommend or worth with thinks.

At least that’s my thought and I’m sticking to it.

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