Upcoming Speaking Events

2020 has been a very slow year for me

Even before COVID-19 hit, due to scheduling and other pressures, I had made the decision to cut back on my speaking engagements. But then COVID-19 hit and even the few I had put in to speak at were for the most part cancelled.

Right now, I’m currently scheduled to speak this coming Saturday at SQL Saturday Albany. This should be an interesting talk since I’ll be giving it remotely and I will have to add more on talking remotely.

And it’s official, I will be speaking at PASS Summit this year! I will be talking on PowerShell for Beginners. I’m excited and looking forward to this. While I had hoped to do this in person, I’m still thrilled to have the opportunity to do this virtually!

I may still put in for one or two more SQL Saturdays this year if I get the chance, but we’ll see.

2019 had been a busy year for me

SQL Saturday Colorado Springs – This time I had an audience! Read about my 2018 experience here and my 2019 experience here.

SQL Saturday Virginia Beach – This was one of my favorite SQL Saturdays in awhile. Monica Rathbun and her crew did an amazing job. I was disappointed I couldn’t submit for 2020 due to scheduling and equally disappointed to learn because of COVID they had to cancel.

I later had the opportunity to come down and speak at one of their user group meetings.

I of course spoke at SQL Saturday Albany, NY – July 20th

Unfortunately, I got turned down for:

SQL Saturday Oslo, Norway – (this would be my second overseas one)

I will update as I get accepted (or rejected) and apply for more.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in me speaking at your office or event, please contact me.

In 2018 I spoke at:

SQL Saturday Colorado Springs (or more accurately, was scheduled then… this happened.)

SQL Saturday Philadelphia

SQL Saturday Atlanta on May 19th.

SQL Saturday Manchester UK – Kicked off a family vacation to Europe. We had a wonderful time and despite the language barrier of English vs. American, I think my group enjoyed the talk and got a lot out of it. I had several come up to me afterwards with positive comments and feedback.

SQL Saturday Albany NY – where I was pleased to participate with he WIT panel.

Washington DC SQL User Group Meeting – Spoke about SQL Backups

SQL Saturday Washington DC – Closed out there year where my talk on SQ Server for under $200 was a huge success.

I hope you caught me at one of those.