It’s Just Another Brick in the Wall

Actually, unlike the song, I feel like I do need education and I’ve been getting it. Ironically in A&P II we’ve been covering the adaptive immune system just as I’ve been going through my intake steps for my new position. I mentioned last week that I had go get a number of shots. As of today in the last week I’ve had the current flu shot (last Monday), the new covalent Covid vaccination (Wednesday), a TDaP vaccination (yesterday) and the first of two Hep B vaccinations (also yesterday). So it’s been just “another shot in the arm” for me several times now. Oh and the second of two injections of tuberculin to test for tuberculous.

I’m not sure if my immune system is hating on me right now or loving me. Hating me because I’ve asked it to respond to a foreign substance 6 times in the last 7 days, or loving me, because right now, there’s a series of T cells forming (or having formed in my body) with the net result that I’ll have a bunch of additional T memory cells floating in my blood stream and lymphatic system just waiting in case the real thing (for pretty much any of these things) come around. I don’t know anyone who really enjoys getting a shot or even the reactions we often get (for the record my reactions to all of the shots so far have been very mild).

That said, I am happy that at least for now, it looks like my days of being a human pin-cushion are over. I have one more Hep B shoot in about a month and then after that I’m good for awhile.

Just one more step to get into the world of working in the Emergency Department.

I start orientation on Monday and can’t wait. In the meantime, my immune system can deal with it. I know I am.

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