Nothing to Prove

This past weekend was a busy weekend for me. Thursday night I helped do the offensive door for my wife’s hockey team in the first game of a 3 game tournament. Despite only having 9 players (plus a goalie) they tied it 2-2 against a far larger squad. Quite impressive really seeing them up their level of play. They in fact got accused later of stacking the team with college students. Truth is, about half the team was in their 40s or above and the others late 20s or 30s. Not bad.

Friday night the family went to see Captain Marvel. I’ve mentioned before my daughter’s love of Star Wars. She’s also a fan of superheros, both in the comics and movies. We’ve seen a number of them together, including Wonder Woman and now Captain Marvel.

As a father I’m glad for movies like The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. The last two might be called superhero movies, but they’re really about being a hero in general. You don’t need superpowers to be a hero. You need to be a person who decides to do the right thing at the right time. When Wonder Woman decides to cross the No-Man’s Land, she does rely on her superpowers to keep her safe, but she acts because she knows she has the power to make things better. Similarly, Carol Danvers is faced with a choice of doing what is easy and she has been taught to do and what is right. She’s a hero, again not because of her powers, but because she chooses to do the right thing.

Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel are great movies for a number of reasons; but I think foremost because they truly focus on their stars. Steve Trevor and Nick Fury are supporting partners, not just in theory, but in the way they often take their lead from the main characters. Both are strong and powerful people in their own right, but recognize they’re among their betters. And, aiding their partners doesn’t hurt their masculinity, and they realize that.

I enjoy these movies because, while, as far as I know, my daughter doesn’t have a magical lasso, nor can she shoot photon bursts out of her hands, she has role models. While yes, her favorite comic book superhero might be Batman, she really enjoys having these superheros as models.

On Saturday, she and I drove 2.5 hours to Binghamton NY for her team’s competition in something called “Odyssey of the Mind“. While her team didn’t do as well has hoped, it was still a great time to bond and talk, including about Captain Marvel and role models.

My wife had her second game of the tournament on Saturday and when she called to give me the score, I could pick up on her excitement even before she said they had lost, 1-0. But this time with only 8 players instead of 9, it was in some ways even more impressive than the Thursday game.

Sunday rolled around and since we had to take our son to the train station to go back to college, it was easier to bring him to the game first. So, he got to watch his mom’s team, again with only 8 players actually win, 3-1 and come in 3rd out of 6 teams!

It was a fitting cap to a weekend of watching powerful women.

Oh, and besides Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and my wife’s hockey team be great role models for women, I think they’re great role models for men.  Men, you can have powerful women in your life and it doesn’t weaken you or make attack your masculinity.  If anything, it can help you be a better man.  So don’t just take your daughters to see Captain Marvel, take your sons.


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