Happy Solstice 2021!

I like when the day I blog lines up with a holiday, or some sort of astronomical event. it gives me a ready made topic.

And so in that theme, this post will be similar to the day: short.

Several years ago (it feels like a lifetime) my family and I flew into Manchester UK so I could speak at a SQL Saturday there. I hadn’t really given thought to how far north it was and the fact that it was close to the Summer Solstice, but I woke up at 4:00 AM local time and it was basically no darker than twilight I was a big groggily confused. Once I was finally awake later in the day I realized why it was so bright at that time.

Manchester UK Daylight Map

This time of the year it’s the opposite. I wake up at my normal time (generally around 6:30 to 7:00, the time varies as I almost never use an alarm clock) and it’s still fairly dark and I have to check a clock to make sure if my body’s clock has really woken me up in time for the day.

Troy NY, US Daylight Map

Between shorter days and the fact that my largest client client is basically in a freeze period, my days are fairly empty, at least in terms of workload. The amount of darkness and lack of work does cause a lack of motivation for much, including writing this blog.

But, that’s belayed a bit by the fact that both kids are home from college, one until her next semester starts and the other until he discovers what life has to bring now that his college career is finished. Like me on the Winter Solstice, one thing is ending and the future seems limitless, perhaps a bit overwhelming. But it is ultimately something to look forward to.

Days are starting to get longer, and in 10 days, a New Year will begin, and I look forward to what that will bring.

In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my Christmas Music, have the lights I inherited from my grandparents lit (technically just the strand, I think I’ve replaced all the bulbs at least once, and they’re getting more rare and more expensive!)

So, here’s to longer days and a better New Year.

And see, I told you this would be a short one, much like the day.

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