Customer Service: “We aim to please.”

So, I’m sitting on the train today, when one half of the couple behind me returned from using the lavatory and remarked to her partner, “Don’t use the bathroom on the left.”  Apparently the previous user had been polite enough to put the seat up.  But not polite enough to actually aim.

All I could think was how nice it would be if the train had QuiCR on-board.  Within seconds she, or even myself having overheard the situation could have reported the issue and a ticket created.  That ticket could then either be handled immediately upon arrival at the destination, or perhaps in the meantime an email sent to the conductor so he could have closed the lavatory for the reminder of the trip; thus preventing any other unfortunate patrons from being exposed to those conditions. 

Quick feedback means a QuiCR response and a QuiCR response means a higher level of customer satisfaction. Think about it.